Which subscription plan should I choose?

Here we will describe the options that are available on different subscription plans so that you could make an informed choice, which best satisfies your goals and needs.

Note that new content will be continuously added to each cluster of content.

The difference between FOUNDATION and ELEMENTS

FOUNDATION and ELEMENTS are 2 Modules of the Baseworks Practice. “Module” can be defined as a set of Forms with specific Learning Objectives. Selected Module content can be put on a timeline to become a practice session.

The practice session videos are approximately 50-100 minute long.

  • Both Modules share many Forms, though there are Forms and their versions unique to FOUNDATION and unique to ELEMENTS.
  • The Ignition and Assimilation are different between FOUNDATION and ELEMENTS Modules.
  • Generally speaking, ELEMENTS Module practice sessions are more physically demanding than FOUNDATION Module practice sessions. Having said so, both FOUNDATION and ELEMENTS practice sessions are offered in 3 gradations of intensity. This means that the Intensity 3 FOUNDATION sessions may be more physically demanding than the Intensity 1 ELEMENTS sessions.
  • FOUNDATION practice sessions offer slightly more details than ELEMENTS, while ELEMENTS practice sessions are longer and have more Forms per session.
  • Each Module also has different Learning Objectives. FOUNDATION offers more attention to STRUCTURE, INTENT and INFLECT Foci, while ELEMENTS offers more attention to ASCEND, EQUATE, TRANSPOSE and ISOLATE Foci.

Complete vs Open practice sessions

A “Complete” practice session consists of: an Ignition, a Body, and an Assimilation.

An “Open” practice session consists only of the Body, and is shorter than a “Complete” practice session.

We have not offered Open practice session format in in-person public-class type of settings, because the Ignition and Assimilation practices have the important functions, such as differentiating the Body of the practice from the preceding and the following activities, of priming/setting the intention, and “digesting” the experience. As the online practice sessions can be taken from anywhere, we offer this variation of practice to some users who may choose to find their own ways to fulfill the functions of the Ignition and Assimilation practice components.

Form Videos

The Form Videos are short videos (a few minutes in length), each dedicated to a particular Form.

Baseworks Meta Videos

The Baseworks Meta Videos are short videos (a few minutes in length), which explain the details of the Baseworks Method.


As we have an extensive student base in Japan, we offer Baseworks Practice in Japanese as well as in English. Additional languages for the content may be added in the future.

When subscribing to our platform you will have to choose the language of your subscription: English, Japanese or both.

  • When new Baseworks Meta Videos and Form Videos are released, they will be added to both English and Japanese subscription plans at the same time.
  • For FOUNDATION and ELEMENTS practice sessions, in either language, each session is unique. Therefore, if you would like to have access to both English and Japanese practice sessions, you can option for a bilingual plan, with access to twice the amount of content.

The discussion forums will be available to everybody irrespective of their language.

How to Choose a Plan

If you are interested in the details of our method and want to get the most benefit out of the practice, we do recommend the DEEP plan, which includes every cluster of available content.

However, you may be thinking, “What if I…”

  • feel already familiar with the method?
  • prefer to go through the experience without dissecting it and interpret the experience on my own?
  • have prior experience in movement and prefer to use the guided practice sessions as a template to modify the movements according to my background and preference?

Since new FOUNDATION and ELEMENTS practice sessions will be continuously added, if you fall into any of the categories above and would like to have access to a regularly updated library of online movement practice sessions that will allow to keep moving your body, you can always choose either the BASIC or the CYCLICAL plan.

Note that as you can upgrade or downgrade at any time, you could subscribe to the DEEP plan to get familiar with the available Baseworks Meta and Form Videos, and then downgrade to continue regular practice session practice. You can also upgrade or downgrade from a plan in 1 language to a bilingual plan and back.

But consider that the DEEP plan will continue to have fresh new content added to its repository regularly. In this way, the DEEP plan makes for an excellent resource of ongoing established/upgraded and new content.